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Ancient Rome Tour

Colosseum, Palatine, Forum... where the city was born

Dusk Tour in Rome


An evening walk through the baroque gems of Rome


Ostia Antica Tour


Discover the ancient city port of the Roman Empire


Subterranean Rome Tour


Descend with us into the belly of Rome



Excursions and tours in Rome


Partnership of guides who provide tours in Rome and outside Rome. Private and small groups only.


tertours is a partnership of passionate tour guides that have decided to offer a full insight on Rome. After various years of experience we have learned that besides historical tours in Rome many of our clients have also asked about daily life in the City. The true understanding of visiting any place in the world is also by interacting with its locals. The history, culture, traditions and food complete a full comprehension of who we are. This is why we take our job seriously and promise to take you on this journey. Our goal is to give you the full experience of visiting the eternal city through the eyes of true Romans.


Colosseum & Roman Forum
Colosseum & Roman Forum

Panem et circenses!

Visit the amphitheatre Flavian. Understand the true nature of gladiator fights and the hype the games generated. Admire the feats of engineering that made trap doors open and other surprises appear in the middle of the arena. Afterwards walk through the beating heart of ancient Rome, the Forum, where political and commercial strife decided the fate of Rome for many  centuries.

Tour starts 8.30 am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 80 euros per person/includes tickets
Ostia Antica Tour
Ostia Antica Tour

Port city of ancient Rome.

A bustling port city during the peak of the Roman Empire. Walk on the very same cobble stone streets as we take you to admire the almost perfectly intact buildings as they near 1900 years of age! Entire mosaics, afrescos, public baths, the theatre, a 2nd floor apartment known as insulae. Our visit also includes a stop at the museum where the original sculptures were found during various excavations.

Tour starts 9.00 am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 85 euros per person/includes tickets
Dusk Rome
Dusk Rome

Benvenuti a Roma!

Get your bearings of the most iconic location of Baroque Rome. We start our tour at the Spanish Steps. From there we’ll lead you to a pleasant stroll through the most important and lesser known aspects of Rome’s historical center. Get the most of our local guides! Tips, recommendations, advice and much more.

Tour starts 4.00 pm
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 40 euros per person
Subterranean Rome
Subterranean Rome

Discovering Rome’s early Christian History

Rome has many secrets, one of them being the hundreds of miles of catacombs surrounding the city. Descend into the earth and explore underground corridors where thousands of early Christians found eternal peace. learn about the structure and purpose behind the catacombs as we bring you to 5th century frescos, underground basilicas, amazingly preserved sarcophagi and much more.

Tour starts 9.00 am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 80 euros per person/includes tickets
Criminal Tour of Rome
Criminal Tour of Rome

Murders, Public Executions, Conspiracies!

A page of history that most tend to forget. Rome’s criminal record dates back as far as its legendary foundations, beginning with a fratricide. Julius Caesar at the height of his popularity, betrayed and stabbed 23 times. Even through the many centuries of Papal Rome, crime flourished. See Rome from an original and intriguing perspective!

Tour starts 7.00 pm
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 35 euros per person
Ponza & Palmarola Full Day Excursion with Snorkeling
Ponza & Palmarola Full Day Excursion with Snorkeling

A day trip to beautiful Ponza and Palmarola

Visiting Rome but desire a day trip to a magical and breathtaking island? Look no further Ponza & Palmarola have it all! Just 70 miles away from Rome lies one of the most spectacular islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Clear blue waters, uncontaminated nature and an overall sensation of peace will make you fall in love with Ponza & Palmarola in no time!

Tour starts 7.00 am
Duration: 13.5 hours
Price: 200 euros per person
Garbatella Rome Aperitivo & Food Tour
Garbatella Rome Aperitivo & Food Tour

Aperitivo & Food Tour

Experience the true Roman meal starting with a refreshing “aperitivo”, one of the oldest ways to stimulate your appetite! Learn about other ways to spark your appetite from Prosecco to Aperol Spritz. Then we’ll visit family run bakeries, trattorias artisan pastry shops, gelato parlors and more. All of this in one of Rome’s truly authentic neighborhoods, Garbatella.

Tour starts 12.00 am
Duration: 3 hours
Price: 65 euros per person


Pantheon and Rome’s Birthday

The Pantheon is undoubtedly an enigmatic monument. Who was the architect responsiable for it’s construction? No one knows for sure. Was it “Apollidoro from Damascus” or was it the Emperor himself Hadrian? One thing is for sure the Emperor didn’t spare any expenses.

Artichokes “Matticella” – The Roman farmer’s choice

You’ve probably already heard about Roman artichokes and Jewish-style artichokes, but have you heard about “Matticella” artichokes?
As spring season approaches with its warm and sunny days, Rome’s countryside blooms into a kaleidoscope of colors.

Colosseum: origins of the name

Why is the Colosseum called… Colosseum?
The Flavian Amphitheatre was inaugurated in 80 AD by the Emperor Titus. The present day nickname dates back to the Middle Ages and has been so widely used that it has completely replaced the original name.


Very fun & informative tour of the Colosseum & Forum

My wife & I booked Itertour’s Colosseum/Forum tour while we were in Rome for our 10th anniversary. Michael got us in ahead of the crowds and gave us a wonderful private tour. His knowledge of the structures and history can’t be denied — he really was treasure trove of interesting facts and historical perspectives. Having a private tour was fantastic, as we got to ask all of the questions that occurred to us. Much of the day became more of a conversation between the three of us, rather than a pre-set lecture of just the facts. Michael went with the flow and gave us the tour that we wanted to have. He is completely bilingual, so there was no problems understanding him, and he clearly loves Roman history, which made the experience rich for all of us. And he’s a terrifically nice guy, which goes a long way! He never once looked at his watch, but gave us more than the time he had said he would. We wish we’d have had time to take another of his tours!

Steven C
May 2016, Tripadvisor


We were fortunate to have Mike as our guide. He is knowledgeable about Ostia and speaks excellent English. His complete familiarity with the site enabled him to speak about the site with a casual and lively presentation and easily understandable explanations. Mike took his cues from us, emphasizing the details that especially interested us. I highly recommend an Ostia Antiqua tour with Michael.


Patricia R. (Madison, New Jersey)
Tripadvisor, Tripadvisor

Went out of their way for us

Rome is outstanding on its own, but Iter Tours really brought it to life for us. My wife and I spent the first few days of our visit wandering on our own, and that was wonderful. It wasn’t until we were joined by Iter Tours that I really saw how much we were missing! There is history everywhere in Rome, and Mike was able to connect us with it without making us feel dragged around on a boring tour. Iter Tours designed experiences just for us, making sure they included our requests and also suggesting things we wouldn’t have thought of on our own.

Our guide, Mike, is incredibly knowledgable about Rome and broader Italian history/culture. You can tell he loves it! Also, his english is excellent, which was a nice bonus.

Some of the best meals we had were with Iter Tours, because they know all the little, authentic spots that would have been hard for us to find. I particularly recommend visiting Ostia Antica with them! It is beautiful and amazingly preserved, and is closer and less crowded than Pompeii. So glad Mike recommended it, because it was one of the highlights of our time in Italy!

May 15th 2016, Tripadvisor

Excellent, individualized tours

Iter Tours was a wonderful experience from the first moment. Mike Henry is an incredibly thoughtful guide, making sure to craft an experience that will be meaningful to YOU. He has special tours and recommendations, which are all really great, but I felt cared for in crafting the type of Rome experience my husband and I wanted. He also knows his stuff, lacing history, architecture, art, and more into our tours so they felt more like conversations with a friend than a formal tour! Very very fun.
Recommendations: honestly, everything. We deeply enjoyed the food tour, because it combined with a walk through the city and history of food/city sections thrown in. I also really appreciated enjoying the Colosseum with Mike- he added so much to my experience in that astounding place.
Though this was a honeymoon trip and so a couple experience, I think Iter Tours would be great with families and kids, as well. They are a lot of fun.
For what it is worth, I work at a museum and my job is training tour guides. I can say with some authority that Iter Tours offers excellent tours. Highly recommend!
October 2015, Tripadvisor

Catacombs tour was awesome

A friend referred me to Itertours, and recommended that if I wanted to explore something off the regular tourist beaten path, that I should check out the catacombs tour. My family was not disappointed! It was beyond fascinating visiting these holy catacombs and seeing how people were laid to rest throughout the history of Rome. This tour is definitely not for people who would be uncomfortable seeing human bones! Visiting the Capuchin Crypt, which are constructed almost entirely out of human bones, was amazing and something that I will never forget. Micheal was our tour guide, and he was very enthusiastic and knowledgable about every site we visited. I would highly recommend Itertours and Micheal!
April 2015, Tripadvisor

Amazing Ostia Antica tour

My family and I (12 yr old girl, 14 yr old boy, 2 adults) were lucky enough to tour Ostia Antica with Mike. He was by far the best tour guide we had throughout our Rome visit. He was engaging, knowledgeable, and personable. We learned so much & had a great time too. My husband and I loved the tour, and he did an amazing job relating to the kids too. They were comfortable with him & asked him a lot of questions, which is saying something for our teenagers… If we found Mike on our first tour, we would have booked him for all our tours, as he is a local who knows all the history as well as all the places to go in Rome. Thanks Mike, for a great experience. We will definitely look you up on our return!
Jessica M
April 2015, Tripadvisor


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