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The Mouth of Truth: The story behind one of Rome’s most recognizable symbols.

The origin and purpose for this marmoreal sculpture is not sure. It could have been a roof coverage permitting rain to trickle inside the nearby temple of Hercules Victor or a sacrificial alter of livestock in which the open orifices allowed blood to spill inside…

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Roman artichokes, a typical roman food.

Artichokes “Matticella” – The Roman farmer’s choice

You’ve probably already heard about Roman artichokes and Jewish-style artichokes, but have you heard about “Matticella” artichokes?
As spring season approaches with its warm and sunny days, Rome’s countryside blooms into a kaleidoscope of colors.

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An image of Lupercalia, ritual celebrations of Faunus Lupercus

From Lupercalia to Saint Valentine

February 14th is a day dedicated to lovers all around the world but where did it originate from? A historical excursus from Lupercalia to St. Valentine.

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