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The Mouth of Truth: The story behind one of Rome’s most recognizable symbols.

The origin and purpose for this marmoreal sculpture is not sure. It could have been a roof coverage permitting rain to trickle inside the nearby temple of Hercules Victor or a sacrificial alter of livestock in which the open orifices allowed blood to spill inside…

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A special view of Colosseum. Enjoy our special tours in Rome

Colosseum: origins of the name

Why is the Colosseum called… Colosseum?
The Flavian Amphitheatre was inaugurated in 80 AD by the Emperor Titus. The present day nickname dates back to the Middle Ages and has been so widely used that it has completely replaced the original name.

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Pantheon and Rome’s Birthday

The Pantheon is undoubtedly an enigmatic monument. Who was the architect responsiable for it’s construction? No one knows for sure. Was it “Apollidoro from Damascus” or was it the Emperor himself Hadrian? One thing is for sure the Emperor didn’t spare any expenses.

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