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Wine Tour Rome – Tasting Class

WINE TOUR IN ROME WITH TASTING CLASS We bring you the best of Italians wines with our wine tour in Rome , you'll travel through the Italian peninsula by easily sipping through your chalice. Each Bottle has a story to tell and our sommeliers will share their knowledge of seasoning techniques, family traditions passed down from generation [...]

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One of the most famous building in Garbatella Rome. Enjoying our food tour in Garbatella

Garbatella Rome Aperitivo & Food Tour

GARBATELLA ROME FOOD TOUR Aperitivo and food tour in Garbatella Rome. Aperitivo and food tour in an authentic Roman neighborhood. Step away from the chaotic streets of downtown Rome and join us on Garbatella's Aperitivo & Food Tour. Get the real taste of Roman traditional cuisine by sampling authentic Roman dishes made from scratch with [...]

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