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Ponza & Palmarola Full Day Excursion with Snorkeling

A day trip to beautiful Ponza and Palmarola. Visiting Rome but desire a day trip to a magical and breathtaking island? Look no further Ponza & Palmarola have it all! Just 70 miles away from Rome lies one of the most spectacular islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Clear blue waters, uncontaminated nature and an overall sensation of peace will make you fall in love with Ponza & Palmarola in no time!

199,00*Per person


Garbatella Rome Aperitivo & Food Tour

Experience the true Roman meal starting with a refreshing “aperitivo”, one of the oldest ways to stimulate your appetite! Learn about other ways to spark your appetite from Prosecco to Aperol Spritz. Then we'll visit family run bakeries, trattorias artisan pastry shops, gelato parlors and more. All of this in one of Rome's truly authentic neighborhoods, Garbatella.

65,00*Per person


Criminal Tour of Rome

A page of history that most tend to forget. Rome's criminal record dates back as far as its legendary foundations, beginning with a fratricide. Julius Caesar at the height of his popularity, betrayed and stabbed 23 times. Even through the many centuries of Papal Rome, crime flourished. See Rome from an original and intriguing perspective!

25,00*Per person


Catacombs Rome Tour

Rome has many secrets, one of them being the hundreds of miles of catacombs surrounding the city. Descend into the earth and explore underground corridors where thousands of early Christians found eternal peace. learn about the structure and purpose behind the catacombs as we bring you to 5th century frescos, underground basilicas, amazingly preserved sarcophagi and much more.

72,00*Per person


Dusk Rome

Get your bearings of the most iconic location of Baroque Rome. We start our tour at the Spanish Steps. From there we'll lead you to a pleasant stroll through the most important and lesser known aspects of Rome's historical center. Get the most of our local guides! Tips, recommendations, advice and much more.

32,00*Per person


Ostia Antica Tour

A bustling port city during the peak of the Roman Empire. Walk on the very same cobble stone streets as we take you to admire the almost perfectly intact buildings as they near 1900 years of age! Entire mosaics, afrescos, public baths, the theatre, a 2nd floor apartment known as insulae. Our visit also includes a stop at the museum where the original sculptures were found during various excavations.

68,00*Per person



Visit the amphitheatre Flavian. Understand the true nature of gladiator fights and the hype the games generated. Admire the feats of engineering that made trap doors open and other surprises appear in the middle of the arena. Afterwards walk through the beating heart of ancient Rome, the Forum, where political and commercial strife decided the fate of Rome for many centuries.

64,00*Per person


Vatican Museums Tour

Your expert guide will bring you immediately inside the Vatican Museums by skipping the line. Cover all the main attractions while you hear the history and legends that formed one of the biggest art collections in the world. Once underneath the Sistine Chapel, learn about the masterpiece of Michelangelo and how there's hidden content in the fresco. After wards step directly into Saint Peter's magnificent Basilica.

89,00*Per person


Wine Tour Rome – Tasting Class

Become a specialist of Italian wine with our Wine tasting Class! Savor the difference between a white “Trebbiano” or a red “Barolo” from Cuneo. Combine aged cheese to a “Falaghina” or a delicious cream of olives to a “Primitivo di Manduria.” Enjoy the company of our expert sommeliers, as they explain the hard work behind each vineyard and the dedication that goes into each bottle. The evening concludes will artisan, organic, non GMO gelato.

68,00*Per person