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Our tour guide was genuinely passionate about the history of Rome which made this tour so interesting. We saw parts of Rome we probably would not have known to look for as tourists, or parts we could have forgotten to see. I completely enjoyed everything we learned and were shown! My personal highlight was seeing where Julius Ceaser was stabbed, somewhere we may have missed without this tour! We were also the only two people on the tour which made it so much more personal. Our guide even took us to get some food in a little traditional bakery we would otherwise have missed. Overall, it was enjoyable, intellectual, fun and I would do it again if I went back to Rome! 10/10.

Michele … one “L” is a man!


Passionate and genuine human who wants you to know everything about Rome’s history that isn’t typically told. Full of knowledge, this fast-talking Italian made his subject interesting! Finished with a coffee at what is rated as the best in Rome by Trip Advisor, Michele is unexpectedly generous.

Awesome trips!

Adam M

We did the Ponza day trip and the crypt/catacombs with Mike/Michele and they were both fantastic experiences and highlights of our trip! Mike is a very knowledgeable and engaging tour guide and has a strong talent for balancing information and entertainment while keeping even the younger ones tuned in. Book and you won’t regret!

A very good time — fascinating history without huge crowds of tourists

Stefan B

Me and my wife went on the English language criminal tour with Fiona. The tour was highly enjoyable. We were able to see parts of Rome that we would not have discovered otherwise. The often grisly stories were captivating and, as told by Fiona, far more interesting to listen to than the other standard audioguides or big group tours we have experienced this far in Rome. The tour offers an interesting look into several different time periods, both ancient and modern. In addition to the tour content, our guide was very knowledgeable about the city in general, very fun to chat with, and very willing to answer our questions. An enjoyable experience all around.

Full day boat trip

Tonay Q

We booked this for our first vacation in Italy. Luckily Michele was friendly and full of information but was not overbearing. Our group was small, which was good because he was able to communicate with us all without either families feeling ignored. He speaks English very well and Italian so it was great to hear him relay information from the boat captain. He is also friendly and relaxed. Someone you wouldn’t mind talking to if you ran into him at a local restaurant. I also needed to buy some towels once we arrived to Ponza and he was able to negotiate price for me.

The boat did not stop for very long in either place but I wish we could spend more time at two locations and especially the shipwreck beach. Three beaches didn’t provide enough time to relax and enjoy. Overall we would do this again and I would be open to Michele’s other tours.

Amazing day trip to Ponza

Rodrigo Fritis-Lamora

Couldn’t recommend this tour more! Great day trip from the hustle and bustle of Rome. Michele was an amazing tour guide. Punctual, informative and all round great guide. Provides seamless transfer to and from Rome. Would definitely book again next time I am in Rome! Thanks again mate

Amazing tour of the darker part of Rome

Tiny P.

As history addicts we really enjoyed this well documented insight in the darker and often silenced side of Roman history. Mike was a great entertainer who intrigued us with his knowledge and enthusiasm. We wouldn’t have minded if the tour lasted longer 🙂 thank you Mike it was nice listening and sharing thoughts with you! As a history teacher I can tell the students insight information that will surely fascinate them. Would definitely recommend!

Thanks Michele!


Wow! Wish we could have done this tour first day in Rome since you learn so much history. Michele knew so much and shared so much history and interesting stories about what we were looking at. Too bad so many tourists walk by these places and have no idea what they just missed. Excellent English (he has US ties). A pleasant experience designed to keep walking to a minimum with greatest coverage.

Interesting night tour


Our Guide (Michele) was very good and spoke very good English he had an immense and enthusiastic knowledge of is subject from the Rome of ancient times up to more modern times, we went to various locations around the back streets of Rome finishing with a coffee at a coffee shop at the end of the evening. I really enjoyed this tour

Michele = great info, great English, lots of fun


After a month in Italy and umpteen tours, we needed something different. Michele provided the “darker” side of Roman history, and it rounded out our knowledge and understanding of true history much better. Highly recommend.

Great Experience


We were lucky enough to get a private tour! Michele was a great guide and all around nice person. The tour was very informative. We had a great our with a lot of interesting information. ( I especially loved the Ghetto part).

Do yourself a favor and go for a tour a little off the beaten path!

Roman Crypts and Catacombs – FANTASTIC


I never write reviews of tours, but we had the best experience with Michele and feel compelled to do so. He was incredibly accommodating, responsive and customized our tour to meet our needs. Our tours of the Capuchin Crypts and Catacombs of Domatilla were so much more fascinating by having Michele provide us the history and interesting bits of information on the sites. The tour was private for our group, which made the experience personalized. Private transportation made getting around incredibly easy. Michele went above and beyond the scope of the tour and provided us with details about Rome and where to grab a delicious meal. My family spent 2 weeks in Italy, and this was by far everyone’s favorite tour during our trip. Cannot recommend Michele and Itertours enough – you have to book with him!


Luis A

Michele was very knowledgeable, insightful and full of information. I would recommend using them for the Criminal tour, the Colosseum and the Vatican tours. !

Take this tour!!!


Our tour guide Mike/Michele was awesome! He was so knowledgeable about the history behind these dark happenings and his method of storytelling was captivating! Being my second trip to Rome, I was in search of the unconventional. This was it!
If you are thinking about doing this tour, DO IT. You won’t be disappointed!

Great walking tour


Our family thoroughly enjoyed the criminal tour of Rome! Fiona was incredibly knowledgeable and clearly has a passion for her work. She immediately made us feel comfortable which made our time together that much more enjoyable. The walking tour was the perfect pace and length for our group of six. I would highly recommend if you’re looking to visit some of Rome’s interesting sights off the beaten path.

Amazing Tour- Must Do in Rome


We strongly suggest using this operator and ask for Fiona if you want an authentic experience that engages everyone in your group and you want a guide with passion and knowledge.

We found the exploration entertaining and provide a great look at the city during twilight. The tour was fun.

Fiona was very engaging to our family and went at pace that was perfect. She has great experience and knowledge of Rome historically and today!

Very pleasurable and informative.

This was time well spent in Rome!


From Julius Caesar to Holocaust Victims


This was a very worthwhile tour of some spots in Rome that I would never have seen on my own. Francesco was an enthusiastic tour guide who provided a non-stop flow of interesting historical details. Of particular interest was our visit to the “Jewish ghetto” area where Francesco showed us how the Romans memorialized the Italian victims of the holocaust with brass plaques outside each of their homes. This is definitely a tour for those who would like to see and hear about the fate of some very famous Italian figures.

Amazing ‘Criminal tour of Rome’


We booked the criminal tour whilst on a short stay in Rome, we thought we’d done everything we could walking around so gave this a go. Really short notice on our part for booking (a few hours before it started).
We met Michele and started our journey, really informative, friendly and professional. Places we strolled past before ended up being important areas of history which we completely missed.

Criminal tour


We did an amazing Criminal tour with Michele. The tour gave an original and very interesting insight into the side of Rome you might overlook as a tourist. Michele was a fantastic guide – the best we’ve had out of many tour guides in Rome!!!

Definitely worth 5 stars!!


I engaged Itertours when I booked my ticket to Rome (like 4 months back), Michele still agreed to bring me around. I took the Night Criminal Walk.

It’s unique, Itertour is the only one doing the Walk because Michele planned it (I guess). He shared various crimes happened in Rome, from the past Roman Empire (Julius Caesar) to the recent kidnapping case of Aldo Moro in 1978. He brought me to those “crime scene” and even showed the relevant “crime photos” thru his tablet.

Unlike other walk tours which goes around the main attractions, I like the “Criminal Walk” concept. It’s something new to me, in fact I did enjoy the whole walk, it ended at a famous coffee place in Rome City. Michele really have the patience to answer all my questions.

The itinerary’s good, the guide was great too. What more to ask for? I will definitely recommend Itertour for all Italy travelers. 5 star for your passion! Thank you & Keep it up!

Vatican Tour with a wonderful guide👍👍.


We would highly recommend booking your Vatican tour with Itertours. Our guide Valentina was just fantastic. The 3 hours we spent with her made our Vatican experience something we won’t forget for a long time. Her knowledge and understanding of the museum, Cistine Chapel and Basilica and history of Rome and the church made all the incredible things we saw so more relevant. The way she engaged our teenage boys in the art and history was brilliant. Thank you again for such a memorable and fun experience.

Sightseeing In Rome!


We had tons of fun while touring Rome with Itertours! Michele was a great guide and shared lots of insight about the local history and sites. One thing I appreciated about Michele was while on our walking tour he always spoke to where everyone could hear him. Sometimes in groups, it can be hard, but it seemed that he was aware of that and spoke out so we could all hear. He also spoke perfect English which made the tour easily enjoyable. If you are looking for a great tour guide, I would highly recommend using Itertours!

Engergized young man whose passion for Rome is infectious!!

Eleaner L

Our small group (4 of us) hired Michele to introduce us the the colosseum and Roman Forum. He was a wealth of knowledge, was flexible ( some of us walk slow) and was very excited to impart his knowledge to us. Michele knew a lot about the history of Rome, and what he was showing us. You can’t go wrong with a tour by Michele.

Best way to see Rome!

Vanessa D

Hands down the best way to see Rome! Thank you Michele for the walking tour, everyone had a blast and learned a ton of history! Your engligh was perfect and so easy to understand! Such a blast! I would highly recommended Michele to anyone looking for a fantastic guide!

Awesome Way To See And Learn About Rome from a Local!


This was my second visit to Rome and I learned more about the city in just a few hours with Michele than I did in 4 days on my last visit. Michele is a longtime Roman resident with a passion for the history of this beautiful city, and his knowledge goes way beyond what your typical tour guide shares with you-including the bits and pieces you won’t find in history books. Added bonus – his English is perfect! It was so helpful for our group of 4 friends who had a million questions and did not speak Italian. On this visit we had a walking tour at dusk to see the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, ‘Spanish Steps’, and a few other key places in between. In Rome there are ruins and statues everywhere and he knew the story behind them all-it was great! Definitely look forward to another tour with him to Rome when I come back with my family!!

Great subterranean tour of Rome catacombs!

Jen M

Our family really enjoyed our catacombs tour with Michele! He was friendly, accommodating and SO knowlegeable. We learned heaps about friars who decorated special chambers with human bones (beautiful, not frightening!) as well as how and where Christians were buried in ancient times. One could get lost in the catacombs, but Michele knew every passageway and provided so many great facts and stories!
He also gave great suggedtions about where to eat, from a local’s perdpective.
This was a tour worth taking. (Pic below taken afterward above-ground!)

Amazing tour!

נתנאלה ג

The tour was fascinating and worth every minute of it, I could go on for 3 more hours without noticing. Much more interesting on my opinion, than all the touristic crowded sights. Thank you Michele, you are the best!

Best tour ever!

Or N

We had the crime tour in Rome. We looked for something unique, not the Colosseum or usual stuff that everyone sees. The tour was unbelievable! Michele had knowledge that doesn’t end, and he took us to the best coffee in rome, which Ive never come across without our terrific guide.
You can tell that Michele is a true Roman, and that he loves his town.

The Crime tour is highly recommended for the people who want something special and unique that everyone will talk about!

Personalized tour of Ostia

Lisa B

We enjoyed a wonderful tour of Ostia with our friendly and informative guide. We were the only ones to sign up, so we ended up with a personalized tour. (the tour was not cancelled as some other groups might have.) Our guide answered all our questions and tailored the tour to our interests. Highly recommended. On the way back he gave us recommendations for eating and touring near our meeting place.

AMAZING Day Trip Ponza and Palmarola

Meghan Z

How can I even begin to thank ITER tours!? Our trip to Ponza and Palmarola was nothing short of incredible! Initially we had been cancelled on by a different company on Viator and ITER tours saved The day and the trip! They made this once in a life time adventure so easy and accommodating.

The trip to Ponza was very fun and comfortable on the fast ferry over from port de Anzio and the excursion boat was such a blast! Our guide was incredibly knowledgable about Rome and the islands and was super fun and interesting.

We had spent so much time in the city during our ten day trip and I can honestly say that ITER tours tour to Ponza and Palmerola was one of my most treasured memories from the whole trip.

Take this trip and use this company you will not be disappointed!

Incredible Day Trip to Ponza


We capped off a fabulous Roman summer with a day trip to Ponza with Michele. From the communication to the trip to Anzio and the ferry and the boat tour, we had a truly unforgettable day.

We were able to swim in some of the most beautiful water I have ever seen and the entire day was taken care of. There is nothing quite like sipping white wine while taking in the natural beauty of an island that so few people ever make the trip out to. We would go back in a heartbeat.

Ponza itertours

Deb C

What a glorious day!!! The genuine Italian experience, unbelievable scenery, clear waters accompanied by a knowledgeable, super helpful and friendly guide which made it all the better. Our whole family agreed it was the highlight of our trip

Beautiful Day swimming in Ponza


Ponza was amazingly beautiful. We enjoyed swimming and seeing 360 degrees of this beautiful island. The seas were a bit rough so we were not able to visit Palmarola, but Ponza was lovely. The crew and guide were all very kind and keen to see that we enjoyed ourselves. The ferry back to Rome was cancelled unexpectedly, but our guide Michele was able to arrange alternate transport and we arrived home as planned.

Ponza was perfect!


Yesterday a friend and I visited Ponza with the help of Itertours, and had an incredible experience! Michele was a fantastic guide, and worked hard to ensure that everyone in our tour group was comfortable and happy. He coordinated each aspect of the tour perfectly (even sending out a reminder email the day prior, regarding weather).

Our day started with a 7AM pick-up in Testaccio by 2 drivers (in Mercedes) that took us to Anzio. At the port in Anzio, we boarded 1 hr 20 min ferry to Ponza. Upon arrival in Ponza we grabbed a snack, then hopped on our tour boat. The boat took us around the island, and we were invited to swim, dive and snorkel in the crystal clear blue-green sea. Lunch was pasta with tomato, olives, and tuna, served onboard. After a full day on the water, we arrived back to Ponza at about 4:30PM. We walked around town for a bit then boarded the ferry back to Anzio, where the drivers met us again and escorted us back to Rome. The day concluded at the original meeting point in Testaccio after 8PM.

Overall it was an amazing day out of the city, and enabled us (Americans) to effortlessly explore a beautiful, under the radar island near Rome. I hope to join one of Michele’s tours again in the future, and highly recommend them to travelers looking for an out of the ordinary day trip from Rome.

Ponza & Palmarola

Erica T

This tour was absolutely amazing!! Michele was the best guide and always made sure we were taken care of and enjoying ourselves throughout the day. Ponza and Palmarola islands are so breathtaking, and this tour allows you to see all of their beauty. With snkorling, relaxing on the beach, to lunch on board, we had the best time! We highly recommend this tour and using IterTours with Michele!!

Ponza Tour with Michele – Highlight of 10 day trip!

Brianna D

It didn’t feel real it was that amazing and beautiful. First of all, we didn’t have to worry about a thing – Itertours did everything for us! We were picked up in Rome, had some cappuccino on the way to the ferry (and espresso on the ferry) boarded a beautiful boat and floated along the Mediterranean, stopping at times to dive off the boat and swim. Our tour guide was amazing – knowledgeable and also just a great guy to chat with and spend the day with (it is an all day thing). The boat captain and crew made homemade pasta and sugo and also free wine (which was flowing!). A little ice cream “truck” boat came up beside us and folks got some Italian treats – just such a dream! We also stopped at a little island and had an aperol spritz in the beautiful sand. We were back in Rome in time for dinner (Michele made amazing suggestions for where to go and what to order). I hope to come back again and I would 100% tell everyone – DO THIS TOUR!!! Everyone we talked to were amazed and so jealous they missed it. It is definitely unconventional for tourists and a terrific way to do “when in Roma”!!! We love you Michele and Itertours!

Ponza-Palmarola Perfect!!

Suzanne P

If you’re visiting Rome I highly recommend taking a day to visit Ponza with IterTours, this is an exceptional day-long excursion! From the moment you get to Anzio to board the ferry to Ponza you get a real feel for an Italian holiday, have a cappuccino and cornetto by the ferry port to start your adventure. Ponza is a picturesque hidden gem, I’m sure the Italians are hoping to keep this beautiful island a secret for themselves. The boat trip is a great sightseeing escape, the natural beauty and stops to snorkel, swim and explore, don’t miss it. Michele from IterTours is an amazing tour guide, from the moment you leave Rome (travel is in a comfortable air conditioned vehicle) to the moment you return Michele is there making sure you have a great time. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, attentive and goes out of his way to make sure that your Ponza excursion is incredibly memorable. You’ll share the boat with a group, ours was entirely Italian holiday makers and for our family this was a highlight, everyone was friendly, fun-loving and the language barrier wasn’t a problem at all (Michele is an excellent interpreter). Things to know: you need good weather to get the most out of this experience, there is a travel commitment 1 hour drive to and from Rome and a 90 minute ferry trip both ways and it is a higher cost excursion, but it’s entirely worth it if you can do it. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat with IterTours. I only wish I’d booked my other Rome tours with them, the service they provide is top-notch!

Ponza Island Excursion


The tour of the island is absolutely beautiful. My low rating is for Michele. I have multiple emails going back and forth with him, all of which discuss booking a private boat tour for 4 people. When we arrived in Ponza, Michele took us to a boat that had 36 people on it, according to the captain’s report before we left. When we called him on the fact that this boat was in no way a private excursion, he was able to get us on a smaller boat within 10 mins. This situation gave me a bad vibe, like he was hoping we wouldn’t remember what we had arranged for and he thought he could put us on a larger boat and keep the difference in cost for himself. I found the whole situation very unprofessional.

Criminal Tour of Rome – Our Teens loved it


On our last day in Italy, we took Michele’s Criminal Tour. We were a bit tired having been on at least 15 other tours during our trip. However, Michele did a masterful job in telling stories about the locations we walked to. He related the Roman stories to current topics keeping it relevant for our 2 teens. Lots of enthusiasm, excellent English, a wealth of information about the history of Italy – it tied together a lot of what we had heard from other tours. We would definitely recommend this tour. Next time, we plan on going to Ponza too. Sounds like a great experience.

The most amazing trip to Ponza

Ally B

If you are looking for a relaxing and exciting trip to Ponza you need to book here!! Michele was an amazing tour guide and made sure everything went extremely smoothly. He’s one of the nicest & most informative tour guides I’ve ever had and my group loved hanging out with him! The tour was breathtaking, a definite must see if you are looking for a less touristy take on Italy! I would do this tour 100x if I had the chance!

Ponza and Palmarola

Adriana D

I took the full day trip to Ponza and Palamarola from Rome and it was a wonderful day! My friend and I met Michele at a designated spot in Rome and we traveled in a comfortable van to the port. We then took a ferry to Ponza. Once there, we got on a small boat with our group and sailed around the islands. We were able to stop and swim at several locations and even swam through a cave. Michele provided snorkel gear, as well. We were also treated to a delicious lunch on the boat. This was a wonderful excursion and I highly recommend it for anyone looking to escape the city for a day!

Criminal Tour- A MUST


If you are looking for a tour that isn’t the typical history of Rome, this is for you! Michele, who led the tour, was awesome. He provided a lot of great details and stories that you wouldn’t usually get – I learned quite a bit. Also, it was interesting to learn some of the darker sides of the history of the city. This is a must!

Excellent!! You cannot miss this!


My husband and I have been on many tours worldwide and this was the best in terms of personal service and detailed information. Michele Henry was so knowledgeable, and made sure all of our questions were answered. It was such a wonderful experience!

Loved the Vatican and Luca!


There were 6 of us in our group, including a 6 year old boy… and we had the pleasure of having Luca as our guide! We can’t say enough about this amazing tour… we met Luca in front of the Vatican Museum and toured a few spots inside the Vatican to include the Sistine Chapel. Luca was such a charming, smart and informative guide! He was playful and kept our interest throughout the entire tour, even when we were waiting in line behind the many, many other tourists inside the Vatican. He was so sweet to Kaden, our 6 year old grandson. Luca included Kaden while he was talking and spoke to him on his level, which we so appreciated! We’ll surely be back to Rome again soon and we will absolutely get another tour and ensure that we get Luca as our guide! Take this tour, it’s incredible!

Must see glimpse into the darker side of Roman history


We were fortunate to have an intriguing and engaging “criminals” tour on our last night in Rome. Our guide, Michele, had a wealth of fascinating information, regaling us with interesting historical facts and detailed, but always entertaining, explanations of events, relating to some of Rome’s darker past, ancient and modern. Michele moved easily between the most famous assassination of ancient Rome, to the more modern Red Brigade atrocities, visiting many historical periods between those two time frames. The tour was full of genuinely moving moments, but also really funny stories and lurid true life horrors!. We booked quite a few other walking tours during our stay through other companies, which although professional and informative, were far more predictable and formal. Michele is an engaging, entertaining and really informative guide and we would certainly recommend this unusual tour for its unique look at Rome.

Interesting and engaging Criminal tour of Rome!


We took Mike’s Criminal tour as a family (all adults) and enjoyed it thoroughly. Mike has a wealth of knowledge and reveals many interesting facts (and some legends) from various eras of Roman criminal history. The tour is in a relatively compact area and contains items and perspectives we would never have discovered or even noticed on our own. He was able to answer any question we had about the tour subjects and well beyond. I would certainly seek him out again for further tours if we ever make it back to Rome. Highly recommend!

Fountains of knowledge


Started Rome trip with Rome at Dusk. Then went on the “criminals” tour. Michele combines myths, legends and facts that brings Rome to life. One can almost witness the pageantry that he invites you to participate in. He has a wealth of knowledge and engages with you in a entertaining and vital way. He packs in many places into his tours and even offers you the best that Rome has to offer in coffee and gelato. An absolute must.

Highlight of a Trip to Rome


We went on a criminal tour of Rome with Michele. He is very knowledgeable about Rome and Rome’s dark criminal history. We learned a lot about some historical events that get swept under the rug due to not being Rome’s finest moments. Not only did we learn about the criminal history of Rome, we learned about some of the historic architectural marvels, churches and Roman history theories that we would have never known about. Would love to go on a second one with different areas to explore.

Awesome Criminal tour in Rome

Molly P

We had an awesome time on the criminal walking tour. Michele is so knowledgeable and told us sorry after story. It was wonderful to have a Roman perspective on the ins and outs of the beautiful architecture all around the city!

Terrific experience for family Rome trip

Jim D

Upon a referral we booked Mike (Michele) for first night in Rome tour w 2 kids 9 and 12; he was so good we booked again (at end of trip) for the criminal tour which he worked with us on to incl food…and that was amazing also. We learned more about Rome from Mike than a cycle in history class. A real local pro, he knows all the local spots to see and eat. Gave terrific restaurant and touring recommendations. Can’t imagine a better experience / connection for a family’s first trip to Rome. Warm, talented guy who you can tell loves his work. We highly recommend Mike/IterTours!

Fun for the whole family!


We took the criminal tour with our four children ages range from 13 to 21. Fiona kept everyone’s interest and At a pace we all enjoyed. Each stop had an interesting story both historical and fascinating. Fiona was full of information and details about the crimes , the sights and Rome. I highly recommend this tour especially when traveling with a family and looking for something different to see that’s not found in the tour books.

Fascinating Criminal History Tour of Rome

Kim S

My family (including two teenagers) thoroughly enjoyed this evening tour of some of Rome’s dark past. From the place of Galileo’s trial, to the spot where the former PM, Aldo Moro’s, body was discovered in 1978, to the place where Caesar was stabbed, to the spot where Bruno was burned for heresy and many places in between–we learned a lot of interesting history and heard some great stories. The creepiness factor even kept my 14-year-old son’s attention the entire time. Something different to do in Rome. Highly recommended if you want something a little different than the typical tour, like we did.

Criminal Tour of Rome


We had a great evening on the criminal tour of Rome. Michele did a fantastic job of fitting so much history into one night often switching between centuries to keep the stories interesting and relevant to the sites we were visiting. I would thoroughly recommend this tour for anyone visiting Rome, you get to see the sites of ancient Rome in a completely different light from the guidebooks. Michele also was really helpful in providing great suggestions of restaurants and things to do for the rest of our holiday.

Criminals tour of Jewish quarters and south of the pantheon


A wonderful tour recounting over 2000 years of roman crime and persecution. Michele, our tour guide was a well of knowledge and had a clear passion on the topic. He covers everything from Julius Caesar’s murder to the much more recent kidnapping and murder of Aldo Moro. At the end he recommended us a lovely restaurant in the Jewish quarters where we enjoyed the classic Jewish-Roman dish of fried artichokes. I highly recommend his tour to anyone who has an interest in crime and roman history.

Rome Criminal Tour – Fabulous


We booked the Criminal Tour on our recent visit to Rome. My teenage children loved it (so did we!) and learned some history along the way. Particulary creepy was standing on the exact spot where the Italian PM’s body was found. We’ve been to Rome before and I would recommend this tour to everyone; those who have seen Rome (a new slant on the sights) and those who haven’t (you walk through most of the must see places). Mike was really fun and had lots of great stories to tell us that captured our entire family’s attention. Great value too. Thanks Mike!

Rome like you’ve never seen it before!!

Ashlyn W

My partner and I have a great interest in true crime and a learning about a the spooky side of the cities we visit. This tour was WONDERFUL!!!!! Our guide Michele was incredibly knowledgeable and clearly very passionate about what he does. We learnt so much we never knew before, not just about the seedy underside of Rome but also great historical facts and little known myths and stories. We highly recommend this tour to anyone, it’s not so gruesome that a young family could not enjoy it. This tour is like a two in one, you see some of the beautiful tourist sites of Rome but also learn some fantastic tales! We’ve certainly accumulated some interesting new dinner party conversation!

Not only was the tour brilliant but our guide also ensured we got to our metro safely after providing us with a delicious local coffee. 10/10 recommend, a brilliant and unique way to visit Rome.

Fun, informative, and professional

Gregory O

Can’t say enough good things about our experience. Mike was punctual, personable and exuded a tremendous passion for everything covered. I did the Food and Catacombs tour; both offered unique insight to aspects of Roman culture modern and ancient. and I got the distinct impression of touching only the top layers of detail Mike could have gone into.

I would highly recommend any of the Itertours offerings, especially for those who prefer to avoid tourist traps but still capture the local flavor. You’re sure to have a great time, great experience and great history lesson all rolled into one.

Unique tour and excellent guide


I’ve been to Rome before and I’ve seen the most famous attractions so this time I wanted to do something different. I stumbled across criminal tour of Rome and immediately was intrigued. Mike our guide with his tablet brought us and showed us the locations where the rich and famous were killed, kidnapped, betrayed etc. I never would have known all these crimes if it wasn’t for this unique tour. On the plus side Mike is bilingual so listening to him was a real pleasure. There’s a lot of walking but everything was perfectly paced as there was a 10mins rest for a bathroom/coffee break. I highly recommend this tour and Mike to everyone, it’s well worth the money!

Criminal tour Roma …amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


I bring to Rome English friends and we wanted to try something new! We booked the CRIMINAL TOUR with Iter TOURS and we discovered a dark and twisted Rome !!!!! Michael was an amazing guide that made us admire Rome from a different point of view! He is really ecletic, able to shift from a topic to another easily, with the competence to answer to all our questions!

Very fun & informative tour of the Colosseum & Forum

Steven C

My wife & I booked Itertour’s Colosseum/Forum tour while we were in Rome for our 10th anniversary. Michael got us in ahead of the crowds and gave us a wonderful private tour. His knowledge of the structures and history can’t be denied — he really was treasure trove of interesting facts and historical perspectives. Having a private tour was fantastic, as we got to ask all of the questions that occurred to us. Much of the day became more of a conversation between the three of us, rather than a pre-set lecture of just the facts. Michael went with the flow and gave us the tour that we wanted to have. He is completely bilingual, so there was no problems understanding him, and he clearly loves Roman history, which made the experience rich for all of us. And he’s a terrifically nice guy, which goes a long way! He never once looked at his watch, but gave us more than the time he had said he would. We wish we’d have had time to take another of his tours!

Went out of their way for us


Rome is outstanding on its own, but Iter Tours really brought it to life for us. My wife and I spent the first few days of our visit wandering on our own, and that was wonderful. It wasn’t until we were joined by Iter Tours that I really saw how much we were missing! There is history everywhere in Rome, and Mike was able to connect us with it without making us feel dragged around on a boring tour. Iter Tours designed experiences just for us, making sure they included our requests and also suggesting things we wouldn’t have thought of on our own.

Our guide, Mike, is incredibly knowledgable about Rome and broader Italian history/culture. You can tell he loves it! Also, his english is excellent, which was a nice bonus.

Some of the best meals we had were with Iter Tours, because they know all the little, authentic spots that would have been hard for us to find. I particularly recommend visiting Ostia Antica with them! It is beautiful and amazingly preserved, and is closer and less crowded than Pompeii. So glad Mike recommended it, because it was one of the highlights of our time in Italy!

Excellent, individualized tours!


Iter Tours was a wonderful experience from the first moment. Mike Henry is an incredibly thoughtful guide, making sure to craft an experience that will be meaningful to YOU. He has special tours and recommendations, which are all really great, but I felt cared for in crafting the type of Rome experience my husband and I wanted. He also knows his stuff, lacing history, architecture, art, and more into our tours so they felt more like conversations with a friend than a formal tour! Very very fun.

Recommendations: honestly, everything. We deeply enjoyed the food tour, because it combined with a walk through the city and history of food/city sections thrown in. I also really appreciated enjoying the Colosseum with Mike- he added so much to my experience in that astounding place.

Though this was a honeymoon trip and so a couple experience, I think Iter Tours would be great with families and kids, as well. They are a lot of fun.

For what it is worth, I work at a museum and my job is training tour guides. I can say with some authority that Iter Tours offers excellent tours. Highly recommend!

Catacombs tour was awesome!


A friend referred me to Itertours, and recommended that if I wanted to explore something off the regular tourist beaten path, that I should check out the catacombs tour. My family was not disappointed! It was beyond fascinating visiting these holy catacombs and seeing how people were laid to rest throughout the history of Rome. This tour is definitely not for people who would be uncomfortable seeing human bones! Visiting the Capuchin Crypt, which are constructed almost entirely out of human bones, was amazing and something that I will never forget. Micheal was our tour guide, and he was very enthusiastic and knowledgable about every site we visited. I would highly recommend Itertours and Micheal!

Amazing Ostia Antica tour


My family and I (12 yr old girl, 14 yr old boy, 2 adults) were lucky enough to tour Ostia Antica with Mike. He was by far the best tour guide we had throughout our Rome visit. He was engaging, knowledgeable, and personable. We learned so much & had a great time too. My husband and I loved the tour, and he did an amazing job relating to the kids too. They were comfortable with him & asked him a lot of questions, which is saying something for our teenagers… If we found Mike on our first tour, we would have booked him for all our tours, as he is a local who knows all the history as well as all the places to go in Rome. Thanks Mike, for a great experience. We will definitely look you up on our return!

Rome’s Colosseum & Dusk


My wife and I visited Rome last month and booked 2 tours with Itertours: the Colosseum & Forum and the Dusk Walking tour. We promptly received an answer saying that we would have Michele as our guide. When we met him we were surprised to find out that he’s perfectly bilingual! Comprehension was easy from the get go which was a relief since we had some slight difficulties understanding our guide in Venice. Michele led us through the ruins having us avoid the large crowds as he used an Ipad to show us visuals of the sites as they appeared in ancient times. I’m quite a history buff and have to admit I loaded him with endless questions which Michele answered thoroughly with ease. My wife and I also enjoyed the personal insights he added about contemporary Rome. The next day we strolled through “downtown” Rome and we’re shown the beautiful Spanish steps, Trevi fountain and Pantheon. By this point we had made a new friend with Michele. His expertise is impressive and we were never bored. We definitely hope to visit Rome again soon and take advantage of the other tours Itertours has to offer. We highly recommend Itertours and especially Michele, money well spent!