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Catacombs Rome Tour

Piazza Barberini, 00187 Roma RM, Italia
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Discover the lesser known Rome and witness in person the historical stratification of its past. Join us on this unique experience!

Not only is Rome rich in history on the surface but it also has a hidden side. The first location we will take you to is the church of the Immaculate Conception, as soon as you enter you will immediately discover a fascinating secret. The Capuchin (Franciscan brotherhood) who have been taking care of this church for the last 4 centuries have had its chambers decorated with their fellow brother’s bones… Yes that’s right chambers decorated with human bones!

Afterwards we will take you to the catacombs of Saint Domitilla. Archeologists say that if you were to connect all catacombs of Rome you would have a tunnel nearly 250 miles long! Learn about the struggle of the first christian communities in Rome. How there was an organization behind the burial methods. We will guide you with expertise though the maze of tunnels and along the way point out frescoes, sarcophagi and underground chapels.

To conclude we will visit the Basilica of Saint Clement, a direct example of Rome’s various layers of history. Enter the beautiful 12th century basilica where a stairwell takes you to the previous basilica of the 4th century. But it doesn’t end here, take a second stairwell and find yourself in the 2nd century!

Discounted rates for children under 18 years of age.

What’s included

The tour includes:

  • Immaculate Conception Church
  • Capuchin Crypt
  • Catacombs of Saint Domitilla
  • Basilica of Saint Clement

Tour timeline

  • Piazza BarberiniMeeting point

    Meet your guide for the Catacombs Tour of Rome in the central located Piazza Barberini

  • Capuchin CryptsVisit and tour

    Step immediately inside the Subterranean Rome Tour as we take you to the Capuchin Crypts where friars literally decorated the chambers with their fellow brothers

  • Transfer to CatacombsPrivate driver

    After this fascinating experience a private driver will take us to one of Rome’s oldest catacombs. A spiral stairwell leads into the early Christian burial chambers.

  • CatacombsVisit and tour

    Learn about structure of the catacombs and admire perfectly preserved afrescos dated back to the 5th century! Our guides lead you personally inside as we have the trust of the custodians.

  • Saint ClementVisit and tour

    The private driver will take us to the Basilica of Saint Clement. Descend in the under belly of Rome’s past. Learn of how the excavations brought back to the light a mystery cult

  • ColosseumEnd of the tour

    Our Subterranean Rome tour ends near the Colosseum. Our guides will gladly help you to the nearest metro stop and taxi stand

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