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Day Trips from Rome

A view of Ponza. Book now our Ponza boat excursion tour from Rome, a fun and relaxing day with swimming and snorkeling in one of the gems of the mediterrenean.

Ponza & Palmarola Full Day Boat Excursion

Adults: 230€ - Children: 200€

A day trip to beautiful Ponza and Palmarola. Visiting Rome but desire a day trip to a magical and breathtaking island? Look no further Ponza & Palmarola have it all! Just 70 miles away from Rome lies one of the most spectacular islands of the Mediterranean Sea. Clear blue waters, uncontaminated nature and an overall sensation of peace will make you fall in love with Ponza & Palmarola in no time!

  • Boat Excursion

  • Beach Break

  • Ferry Trip

  • Lunch

  • Snorkeling

  • Tour Guide

Bomarzo Park of Monsters & Civita Bagnoregio & Orvieto Day Trip

Adults: 250€ - Children: 225€

Bomarzo and its eerie yet fascinating Park of Monsters are just a stone’s throw away from Rome. Step inside this mysterious 500 year old garden and feel like Alice in Wonderland. Our visit continues to Civita di Bagnoreggio, this magical and off the beaten path location is accessible only by a foot bridge. Isolated from the rest of the world this little village preserves an age-old charm.

  • City Sightseeing

  • Walking Tour

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  • Small Groups

  • Lunch

  • Tour Guide

A view of Ostia Antica's theatre during the itertours ostia antica tour. Discover the ancient port of Rome during its full glory, understand the thriving commerce of an imperial city

Ostia Antica Tour

Adults: 72€ - Children: 56€

A bustling port city during the peak of the Roman Empire. Walk on the very same cobble stone streets as we take you to admire the almost perfectly intact buildings as they near 1900 years of age! Entire mosaics, afrescos, public baths, the theatre, a 2nd floor apartment known as insulae. Our visit also includes a stop at the museum where the original sculptures were found during various excavations.

  • Historic Rome

  • Entrance Tickets

  • Small Groups

  • Museum Tour

  • Tour Guide