12 Quick and easy steps for Wine and food pairing.

Every dish has its ideal wine to accompany and enhance the flavors being served. Naturally, the pairing of food and wine is a delicate subject, as many factors need to be taken into consideration. There are countless arguments of the matter at hand. For instance, what is the right room temperature for serving a Brunello? Is it always red wine with meat and white wine with fish? Of course this mostly depends on personal tastes and preferences, but a simple guideline to follow made by expert “Sommeliers” can make this challenging task fun and easy to comprehend.

As a rule of thumb during a meal the order of wine to serve falls in this sequence:

  • Always start with younger wine to conclude with more seasoned wine
  • Begin with dry wine and end with richer “full-bodied” wine.
  • Better to serve refrigerated whites first and finish with room temperature reds.

First of all simple observations on the foods to be served need to be dealt with. Just like a complex puzzle,every piece has its match. Are we serving cheese? Is it strong cheese with spices? Or Soft Cheese? What kind of cured meat are we dealing with? A prosciutto? Or a salami?

So here are our 12 Quick and easy steps for Wine and food pairing.

Let’s begin with Appetizers:

Cured meat such as Parma Prosciutto and Salami.
– Wine : a delicate Rosè or a red young wine to be served at 55°F

Soft grain cheese such as Swiss Emmental or Italian sheep Caciotta.
– Wine : a delicate white wine to be served at 50°F

Seasoned soft cheese such as blue cheese or Gorgonzola
– Wine : Full-bodied white to be served at 60°F

First course dishes:

Pasta with meat such as Ragù tomato sauce or Bacon.
– Wine : a young red or Rosè served between 55/60°F

Risotto with seafood such as clams, mussels, and squid
– Wine : a dry white served at 55°F

Second course dishes:

Dishes including cooked seafood such as clams,mussels,squid, etc.
– Wine : fruity dry whites served at 50°F

Grilled or fried fish such as sea bass or cod.
– Wine : a dry white or a light Rosè to be served between 55/60°F

Grilled red meat such as steak.
– Wine : a lively moderately aged red wine to be served at 65°F

Grilled white meat such as chicken breast.
– Wine : a dry white or a Rosè to be served at 55/60°F

Finally we conclude with Dessert.

Cakes, pound cakes or cookies
– Wine : a dry sparkling white wine served at 45°F

Spoon Desserts such as custard, pudding, soufflé, tiramisu.
– Wine : a sweet or sparkling white to be served at 45°F

Fresh fruit salad.
– Wine : an aromatic and fruity white to be served at 45°F

This quick guideline for wine and food pairing is just an introduction to the countless combinations that
can be done. With a little preparation and knowledge of the flavors to be served, your guests will be asking for more!

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